Conditions of Enrolment:

Packages are based on a 1 lesson  per week scenario.
Extra Lessons can be bought at a discounted rate of R 100.00
per person per hour.

All courses and packages are subject to the 30 day cancelation policy. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Children (Private sessions per hour):
Ages: 5 - 12 years

Adults (Private sessions per hour):
Ages: 13 Years and up

Travelling to your premises:
In our Studio

R 200.00 (per lesson = 1 hour long)
R 800.00 per month

R 220.00 (per lesson = 1 hour long)
R 880.00 per month

The Travelling Teacher

R 800.00 + 160.00 travelling fee = R 960.00 per month

R 880.00 + R 160.00 travelling fee = R 1040.00 per month.

Children (Groups 2-3 kids) per person per hour:
Ages: 5-13 years

(Groups 2-3 people) per person per hour:
Ages: 13 Years and up

Travelling to your premises:

Our Studio

R 130.00 (per person per lesson = 1 hour long)
R 520.00 per month.

R 150.00 (per person per lesson = 1 hour long)
R 656.00 per month per person.

The Travelling Teacher

R 520.00 per month per person.
R 520.00 + R 160.00 travelling fee = R 680.00

Travelling fee will only charge as a single amount for the whole group.

i.e. The group can split the fee of R 160.00 and add it to their class fees: R 160.00 / 3 = R 54.00

Thus the fee will be R 574.00 per person.

Private Lessons
Group Lessons
Some months has 5 weeks, thus will the class fee be slightly more.
Our Tutoring system is based on the Trinity UK AND UNISA Syllabus

Exams - done by an Independant Examiner

Exams takes place twice yearly.

Estedfod Competitions

Kindly note that these faciilities are not compulsory and students may choose to participate in these offerings.

Exams for Trinity, Unisa and Esitedfod will be advised as these fees fluctuate

Practical and Theory Exams cannot be held on the same day due to Logistical reasons.
Separate bookings will be done for both exams.

Should a new student wish for us to travel to their premises an extra traveling charge may be added to their class fees at the rate of R 30.00 per session.  Should the distance be more than 20 - 30km then the amount is increased to R 40.00 per session.
Standard Increase in class fees (10% increase) is applicable to students who travels to our studio.

Students who introduce a new client/student to our business will receive a free lesson added to their monthly lessons.
(Effective only once the new student has book and signed up with us).

Registered with SASMT - SAVMO (The South African Society of Music Teachers)

General Information
Class Fees
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